About Us

Cori Wilson is the founder of the Clarksville Cow Cuddling program at Mary’s Land Farm. Her first bovine experience was at Hameau Farm in Belleville, PA. Cori interviewed for a camp counselor position and was told she got the position based on the “head milking cow’s” approval! This is where her love of animal-assisted therapy began. Over the years, Cori has obtained 22 years of horse and farm animal experience. Cori has been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with the owners and staff at Mary’s Land Farm. She started the cow cuddling program in March of 2022. The program held almost 800 cow cuddling sessions in its first year of operation. Cori loves to spend time at the farm enjoying time with her cows, her dog, and horse Duke. She gets to share these wonderful experiences with her family, especially her son Waylon.

Theresa is a highly experienced certified Physician Assistant who has been working in the healthcare industry for over 27 years. Throughout her career she has helped numerous patients achieve optimal health outcomes. Theresa currently works in a busy emergency room setting. She was introduced to animal-assisted therapy through her daughter Cori. Theresa quickly came to realize its powerful effect on mental health. Theresa is excited to help Cori show others how cow cuddling can promote well-being into more people’s lives. In her spare time Theresa enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren, Emmy, Waylon, and Marshall.